How to prepare your child for a visit at the dentist

How to prepare your child for a visit at the dentist

0 – 2 Years of age

Children should regularly visit the dentist from 6 months of age with their guardian, which allows them to get in the habit of caring for their teeth. As well as allowing them to get familar with the setting of the dental office.

They will see their guardian’s behaviour during the examination, and they will be taught how to care for their children during the different stages of development.


2-6 years of age

If it is the childrens first visit, the parent or guardian should prepare the child. To tell them what they might see, or what the dentist might do. A mock examination preformed by the parent using a spoon and flashlight will help prepare the child.


It is important not to use phrases such as, “Don’t be scared, It won’t hurt!”

It is as if someone told you not to think about lemons – what are you thinking about?


During the visit the guardian comes with the child. It is good for the child to see the guardian sit first on the dental chair and to have an exmination performed. During this time the child sees the procedure.

Then the child sits on the chair and the guardian leaves the room. With a unfamilar person the child is more well behaved and calmer. The dentist will have time to show the child all the different equipment, and familarlize the child.


If during the visit it is not possible to perform an examination or treat the child, it should not distraught them. Each of us has worse days and the child is no different. We should not use force to treat the child. If this occurs it is good to wait a few days and speak to the child about the experience. Using positive motivation such as presents after the next visit may help the child. If again it is not succesful it is important to not reward the child.


Regular control visits at the dentist help catch problems early when they are small and quick to treat, which in turn helps the child become comfortable at the dentist.